About NSW Stem Cell Network

The NSW Stem Cell Network is a professional community with an interest in the potential of stem cells to improve the human condition. Stem cell therapies underpin regenerative medicine based technologies.

The Network brings together the scientific, health and medical research communities, the higher education sector and business with the goal of promoting growth and innovation to achieve positive health outcomes for the people of NSW and globally. Our work encompasses science, medicine, ethics, law, business and public awareness of stem cells and regenerative medicine.

Since its establishment in 2002, the Network has pursued its goals, successfully conducting regular workshops, seminars, conferences and courses that allow the knowledge sharing and professional skills development as well as embarking on collaborative research and commercial initiatives. The NSW Stem Cell Network has received financial support from the NSW Government Office for Health and Medical Research; and infrastructure support from Diabetes New South Wales.

NSW Stem Cell Network Membership

Becoming a member of the NSW Stem Cell Network means being part of a community that can influence the professional and public understanding of stem cells. As a member, you will be provided with:

* A source of reliable and ‘simple’ scientific information about stem cells.

* Information about stem cell-related news and upcoming events.

The opportunity to stay connected to local and international experts in the field of stem cells through our regular workshops, seminars and educational programs.