34th workshop

We are currently preparing our 34th workshop, "Building Cell Therapy Careers and Companies" which  will be held at Christie Conference Spaces, 100 Walker St, North Sydney.

The workshop will aim to bring together Researchers and Industry Professionals with sessions geared towards both parties.

What is Out There for Me Beyond Research?
These sessions will focus on talks about the diverse array of career pathways beyond academia.  A "Q & A" session with speakers will provide participants with the opportunity to delve deeper into the how to's of translating their skills and transitioning from research into other industries.

Industry 101 - How to Bring a Cell and Gene Therapy Product to Market
These sessions will feature talks from experts in regulatory and reimbursement in relation to product development as well as learnings from industry professionals in relation to the challenges faced as a start-up and commercialising a product.

The program so far:-

Registration is open, and you can register here

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